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  • Thievery coders!

    If you've ever coded anything for Thievery, a mutator, custom weapon, AI, menu, tool, etc. then please send me a quick email or PM, letting me know what you made.


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    Note to both Dalai and any Thievery-coders:

    It is currently pretty difficult, to implement any community coding-projects, in existing Thievery gametypes & maps. I'm hoping that sometime in the future, the following can be fixed or improved in Thievery:

    -Mutator support (especially for single-player). I reckon a new mutator class should be defined, so that the mutator list only shows relevant stuff. We could also implement some new mutator functions, for Thievery-specific events.

    -Item support. I'll probably try to integrate LoadoutWORM into a new gametype, or set up a proper GUI for it, so that coders can easily plug their items into Thievery, without having to modify maps, or create new mutators.

    -Better custom arrow support. I kindof sent Dalai a fix to allow multiple arows in the same slot, but I haven't got around to testing it yet, because recompiling ThieveryMod.u is a hassle.

    -Gametype variation. I've currently got a few gametypes in the works, but Thievery definately needs some variation. Feel free to break as many rules as you want, the point of a new gametype is that it can play completely differently to the gametypes, without affecting them.
    (Note: For a gametype to show up in Thievery, its package name must start with "Thievery": Dalai's nice hack to show only Thievery-relevant gametypes)

    I've already got a lot of coding commitments for Thievery (most of which, Dalai expects me to never complete), and so I can't really commit to anything else at the moment, but any volunteer work is always appreciated.


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      You can bet Dalai is just fishing for ideas for 1.5... :roll:

      Immortius' Forge


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        Originally posted by immortius
        You can bet Dalai is just fishing for ideas for 1.5... :roll:
        You wouldn't believe it...


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          I had a really great idea for a Thievery gametype once, I forgot it though.


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            Well, be sure to let everyone know when you remember. :wink:


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              Was it the one wiht the two teams of both thieves AND guards? Where the thieves loot the opponent's 'base' mansion, while the guards guard yours. And vice versa?
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