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  • Fixed objective entrances

    I'd like everyone's opinion of how rooms containing fixed objectives should be accessed and lit. Phaethorn has devised an objective for Breandor I like a lot, so I've written it in to the map.

    The objective is to steal the sword and shield from the large display cabinet, noisily breaking the glass first. This is what I've done so far:

    View 1;

    Looking from the darkest corner of the room towards the display case. The freestanding cases also have loot and breaking glass.

    View 2;

    Looking back towards the darkest corner of the room, display case to right, out of shot.

    View 3;

    Looking to the brightest corner and the main doors. The display case is on the left of the shot.

    View 4;

    Plan view. Dark corner is south-west, display case is north.

    I'm thinking the room itself should have small areas suited to each team. The bookcases and pedestals stick out, providing nooks for the thieves, and all of the lights are dynamic except the main display case light.

    I've planned two more entrances for the thieves: A window in the east wall that opens out above the north grounds, and a trapdoor from an attic providing a drop into the dark corner, but no way back without a vine arrow. The doors open out from the room into a fairly long and well (but dynamically) lit corridor.

    I think this should offer a fair chance for each team, but I'd be glad to hear any other ideas.

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    i think it looks shouldhave maybe a trap door behind the display glass things on the other side of the display case..where th door can open and be blocked by the middle display things so that the thieves can get in unnoticed...surprise attack!!! but yes, the lighting is good, just make more ways in and out.
    maybe make trap door from the attic right in front of the sword.shief display case that way a camping guard might just get jump KOed...that way the guards can't just stand in front of the glass blocking teh thief from even getting near
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      <Nachimir> Yeah, that's the new, expanded interior.
      <Nachimir> The display room is at the far north-west corner of the map.
      <Omega> Are the windows breakable with arrows? Or do you need the blackjack?
      <Nachimir> A broadhead will do it.
      <Nachimir> One light sword or mace hit.
      <Nachimir> Or a charged bj
      <Omega> Anyway without breaking the glass?
      <Nachimir> Hmm.. not at present.
      <Nachimir> Prolly should be, huh?
      <Omega> Too bad, not very stealthy.
      <Omega> I mean yeah, the sword wasn't cast in glass now was it? There should be some way of opening the cabinets.
      <Omega> But of course don't let out the option to break the glass.
      <Nachimir> Yeah... I'll think about it. Perhaps a side opening for the objective one, but the ones with optional loot only smashable.
      <Omega> I don't know.
      <Nachimir> The loot in that room won't be necessary for the loot objective.
      <Omega> I don't think I would like it if the map forces me to be noisy.
      <Omega> Maybe put a key somewhere?
      <Omega> Getting the key to make no sound is optional (not in the objectives of course)
      <Nachimir> Yes, a key.
      <Omega> I mean you have the option to do everything very stealthy using the key to unlock the cabinets.
      <Omega> Or you could just smash the glass.
      <Omega> Easy way.
      <Nachimir> Yes. I think a key for the objective, but the smaller cabs will just be smashable because the contents are optional.
      <Omega> By using keys for stealth and leaving the option in of smashing the glass the guards wouldn't really bother to guard the key.
      <Nachimir>So, smash and grab if you really must


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        How did you make the windows breakable??? :? And do they block out players and actors from going trough? (Read: Are they solid?)

        Oh yeah, looking at the mapp overview it looks like you build your room from 6 boxes... Why not either build a single box that subtracts a room, or add a hollow box with walls... Would be easier and cut down the brush count.
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          The movers block and are breakable. I had to faff around with multiple movers for the angled ones on the freestanding cases, because a full rebuild messed up collision on them. Something simple like the main case one works with just one mover, and I've written about that in another thread

          The extra brushes are skirting boards and coving, the room is already a subtractive brush.


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            maybe on the room behind that room have a secret painting the moves so you can actually grab the objective from the back. that way the guards would need to guard 2 rooms and it would prevent campign a little, today i'll take a look at your map and see for myslef but i agree with omega...don't make breaking the galss the only way to get it because if you are can't do it (leave no evidence of ever being there)
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              I think the route to the "back entrance" should go through heavily guarded areas. Like the hallway outside this room, or something.

              Or have the vent leading to the back entrance start in the rafters of some hall, so thieves would need to risk a vine-climb, etc.

              If both rooms are as easy to get into, you need two camping guards. The guard camping in the wrong room would be really bored really soon.

              Anyways, to the original question:
              I'd like everyone's opinion of how rooms containing fixed objectives should be accessed...
              Very carefully.
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                Chief prepares to get revenge for H-2O

                There are too many textures the same those pillars are too thick <continues to moan for 30 minutes> grumble moan :lol:

                looks nice but NOTHING shall compare with TH-2O V. 2 8)
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                  I like it
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