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  • Breaking glass

    (Mainly for Bloody-Reaper, but useful info)

    This is one of a few methods.. It's fine for display cases etc, but if you're planning to put anything like torchflames behind the glass they'll look odd. I'm also not sure whether the game will render players through it online either. Lighting can be awkward with transparent sheets: the brighter you light them, the more transparent they are. I use the SpecialLit flag in surface properties to make them look good. So:

    Make your brush to the required dimensions using a glass texture from genin.utx (standard UT texture set). Add your brush: not as a mover, as solid geometry. Select all faces the player will see, go to surface properties (F5), and check them as translucent. Select all faces the player will not see, and flag them as invisible.

    In mover properties, under mover, set:
    bDamageTriggered: true
    DamageThreshold: 16 (for a charged blackjack swing, lower for just about anything)
    EncroachType: ME_IgnoreWhenEncroach (this means if it's moving it will pass through players)
    MoverGlideType: MV_MoveByTime (no speed up and slow down - glide moves smoothly, move uniformly)
    MoveTime: 0 (so it will disappear instantly)

    then under Object > InitialState set TriggerToggle if you don't want it to come back.

    Set key 1 outside your map, and as soon as it's damaged it will disappear to there.

    Finally pick an event name under Mover properties > Events, then place some Effect > Explodingwall > BreakingGlass actors.

    You should be able to find a tutorial on them with google, but basically they spawn glass fragments when triggered. You'll need to set all the properties under collision to false, including projtarget (UT rockets home in on anything with this set to true, I'm not sure if it would have any effects in Thievery, but regardless it's not needed.)

    Be careful how many glass particles you set it to spawn, as it can lag if there are too many. You can also set a glass texture, translucent particles, etc in the breakingglass properties.

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    What... Whoever was the guy that told me to use triggers for it. :?
    I got 512 normal trigger in my map because of those windows.

    Someone's gonna pay...
    "There's no problem that can't be solved with a big crate!"


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      I think that relates to network play. The game doesn't handle transparency or masking very well, so in addition to certain odd graphical effects, I'm really not sure if it will render players through a transparent mover.


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        Players are rendered, but i get the torch problem to... Anyways, live with it. 8)
        "There's no problem that can't be solved with a big crate!"


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          What's the damage of a full mace/sword blow?