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Yet another Gerome Idea

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  • Yet another Gerome Idea

    Another idea for giving theives an increased chance at getting the evidence in Gerome:
    A remote switch hidden somewhere else on the map that opens the secret door. Could be randomized and/or in a room requiring a key like the is currently present. Might be in the garden behind a locked gate, a locked room in the barracks, Lord Geromes room, etc. It would require some coordination on the thieves part to make it useful as guards can easily close it. The evidence room would still be difficult to get into, just a little more interesting for the guards, especially if 3-4 thieves are working together.
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    Hmm, that would be cool, and promote teamwork. And if it was in a random locked room, guards couldn't camp the switch...they'd just have to keep their eye on the secret door.

    I like it.


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      I believe this map is being reworked party because of the bottleneck to the evidence...I can't say any more though....they might be listening

      Oh, yes...and there's the fact that I don't know any more
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        Yeah.. for make it so you can put out the lfames in the fireplace and jump down it.
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          you would need to increase the chimney size first -its too narrow at moment . If 1.5 has no gerome edits I'll just make a Gerome 1.5 :lol:
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            Yeah, a chimney enterence would be sufficient.

            Or make the windows openable. Not exactly an easy enterence anyway, tho it makes escaping a heckuva lot easier.

            Or evidence is in a random location -- in a locked box ala Korman Not sure I like that tho. Sure, its a good idea, but I kind of like the idea that some maps have bottlenecks....
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