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I have a few odd things happening..

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  • I have a few odd things happening..

    A couple of odd things happening..
    1. My trees and other objects are lit up like the 4th of July. Why is that and how can I stop it?

    2. I have 2 AIs alittle tweaked..IE Vision,hearing, and health. They are firespamming. I counted 7 firebolts shot at me in a row by just one of them. Do I need to delete them and not tweak?

    3. I have some moving walls placed. When they are in the closed position it looks fine. Shadows and everything match. But once the walls open..the shadow is still there up you are visible. Is there anyway to correct this? Or is this just because Unreal Engine doesn't happen dynamic lighting like Dromed does.

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    For number 3, you need to set the mover to a Dynamic light mover.
    The shadow will still be there, but you will be lit up.
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      Make sure your decos/trees aren't set to bUnlit = True.

      Also, make your trees bMasked = True, or all that black crap round the leaves will show up for people using Direct3D (i.e. everyone not using a 3DFX card)


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        Originally posted by Ulukai
        Make sure your decos/trees aren't set to bUnlit = True.
        That doesn't quite make sense..
        If the object is bUnLit = False
        Wouldn't that mean that it is lit? That setting says that is it false that the object is UnLit.
        bUnLit = True
        Would mean, provided I am understanding this correctly, that it is True that the object is UnLit.
        With that logic in mind..Shouldn't the objects all be set as bUnLit = True...seeing how you don't want them lit.
        Also, does this logic carry over to the bCastShadow = False..Wouldn't that be True also..since you want the objects to cast shadows for a more realistic effect.
        Please correct me if I am wrong..That this is how I understand it.


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          apache, in simple terms :

          True means yes, false means no.

          Bunlit = true means Yes, PLZ! Unlit the thing!
          Bunlit = false means Get away! I don't want it to be unlit!

          and in ued unlit means it's totaly visible , it's as bright as fire
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            A bUnlit = True deco will always be brightness 255 (i.e. Unlit by the level lighting)


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              AND: Properties-ScaleGlow=?

              change the value of that var, try 0.3 or 0.4 (can't remember what i used)

              i think that'll solve the problem... decos are set to unlit = false, so i think
              that's not the problem

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                In my experience, if the decos are projecting too far into solid geometry they will behave as if unlit, even if it's set to false.


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                  *BUMP* because no one has answered your question to #2 yet. Could you provide a better explination of what you did to the AI? And are they shooting firebolts at just 'anything' or do you think that they actually see you and are shooting at you?



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                    The AI that I speak of are....
                    Increased health
                    Increased vision range and radius
                    Increased nearing range and radius
                    They do see the Thief before they start firespamming..I just may delete them and make them again without the tweaks.


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                      Okay, I've solved the mesh lighting problem. It's the spotlights you have as downlighters. If you look in Properties > Lighting, you'll see radius and lightcone. Lightcone dictates how wide the beam angle is. Radius would normally dictate how far the light travels from the light actor in all directions, but because a spotlight has a limited beam it dictates how far the beam travels in the direction of the actors arrow (Incidentally, the arrow is toggled on any actor by the property Advanced > bDirectional)

                      For some reason I don't know, the game lights decorations regardless of LE_Spotlight (But not pawns, the lights seem to work properly with thief visibility) if you set the LightEffect to LE_None (Under Properties > Lighting) you'll see that without the lightcone property restricting the beam the light goes quite far, way past your tree decos.

                      I've enlarged the camera and the light selected in this shot:

                      The spotlight effect lights just the blue oval area in the lower shot, but as you can see in the view above that, the radii on the light is set at the default 64, which takes it way past the trees.

                      From the side, you can see just how excessive the radii are on all your downlighters:

                      So I'd suggest either: dropping the radii to around 15, then tweaking the brightness and lightcone values to get an effect you're happy with, or using an alternative method: High shadow detail on the floor with recessed light fittings that restrict normal lights to a beam, or another effect like LE_Cylinder or LE_NonIncidence.

                      In case you don't know, radii view is toggled by right clicking on a viewport and selecting Actors > Radii view (It's absolutely indespensable when you're doing lighting) You have to do it for each viewport.


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                        The fire bolters are your TKnightCaptains. They have firebolts in their loadout by default, and I think if they can't reach you will just stand there hurling one firebolt after another. You could customise the loadout so they don't have firebolts, that's all in the mapping section of the mod site.

                        On the movers, DynamicLightMover will light the mover, but the lightmaps on the surrounding geometry will stay the same. A property of the mover is WorldRaytraceKey, which means the editor will light the polys around the mover at one particular keyframe of your choosing (defaults to Key 0): If you have one end of the mover path lit and the other dark, then set world raytrace key to correspond to the dark end, you could get it to work with no confusing patches of shadow. However, lighting might appear to pass through the mover at the bright end of the path.