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Its not really a Topic regarding a problem....

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  • Its not really a Topic regarding a problem....

    id just like to swap a Story (maybe this can become the "my nastiest and most annoying mapping bugs"- Thread :grin: )

    this one happened to me some days ago :

    i was playing around testing some sounds and music for my map - i had placed some ambientsounds for wind and turned on the realtime preview to listen to it....i moved around in the 3D-view to check the sounds from different positions - then i all sudden heard a voice looping the word "one" over and over again. After a short phase of wondering i discovered i somehow managed to get the "Announcer - Cd1"-soundfile somewhere into the map .The next hour i sat there browsing thru all the 2500 brushes of my map searching the one which i accidentally assigned the sound to (after deleting all actors it had to be a brush)

    well i finally found it...but the time i wasted with this stupid bug - and the annoying "" in the background all the time while searching for its origin in the this one really pissed me off
    My leet Thievery Map
    My leet UT3 Map
    My leet AS Map

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    The one that REALLY pisses me off is the BSPocclude error that happens when Ued hits a rendering glitch in the 3D views. Especially when facing movers. AARGH!
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