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    I was sorta wondering if anyone knows how to convert a music file like a ".mp3" into a TUT compatible ".umx" file. I'd rather not send the particular .mp3 file I'd like to convert as that would have a 99% chance of giving away the idea I have for an upcoming co-op map... and we can't have that happening 8)

    So, anyone know...?

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    MP3's can't be converted. You'll need to make a tracker file or something. Don't ask, I have no idea either.
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      Try, and download their starter kit. This should give you a good start into making music files for UT. As for .mp3s, doing a straight conversion into a .umx would result in a rather large file.


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        wiht a 99.328% chance of the MP3 file being cut short by the filesize protector thingy that Ued uses. go figure.

        i tried cenverting Billy Joel music as a test, andi got out 2 minutes of a 10 minute song.
        I also tried Phantom of the opera, but i only got 38 secs, where a mono version got the whole song.
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          yeah u gotta convert it to wav with something like winamp, cut it to 22khz mono or 11khz stereo 8 bit with modplugtracker and then convert it to the .it format with modplugplayer. Then u can save and use it in UED. Had the same thing too, i tried to use some Quake music and it got cut off in the middle too. And it was still big as hell (5 MB).
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            Could you tell me exact steps as to how to do all those conversions?


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              here we go :

              u need : SoundEngine,Modplugplayer and Modplugtracker (all free)

              1. Convert the mp3 to wav - i lost details for this but just type "audio-convertion" or something into google and you should get a program which can do it
              (keep a separate copy of the wav in chase u mess anything)

              2. Load the wav into Soundengine and go to Edit->Sample Rate convert

              3. Now either choose the Settings : 11025 Hz (Stereo,16 bit) or : 22050 (Mono,8 Bit)
              (test which sounds better)

              4. Click "Save-as" and in the popping up dialog click on "change" and choose the settings matching the Hz-thingie u choose in point 3. Then click OK and save with new name

              5.Close Soundengine and open Modplugplayer

              6. Click "Open" and load the converted wav

              7.Now click "Details" and go to "pack info", there go to "pack as"
              (important : "2 would be converted to 8-Bit, 0 would be ACDMP-Packed" has to be listed there or it wont work)

     save it as .it-format

              9.close modplugplayer and open modplugtracker

     the processed it-file

              11. go to "general" and change the "tempo (bmp)" to 32

              12.go to "pattern" , there go to the "pattern properties" (the question mark) and set it to 256. Then delete all "1" in that row, but leave the "0"

              13. now let the song play till its over and memorize the number which is displayed in the bottom row at the upper left (u will see this number increase while hte song plays)

              14. go to "pattern properties" again and input the memorized number plus 2

              15. save the goddamn shit

              16. now go to UED, open the music-browser, goto import, search the processed it-file, input a name for it and save it

              17. if it didnt work throw a brick into your computer

              Word of caution : u shouldnt process a file that much....bad for quality. better make some tests before making the final one.

              Disclaimer : this was written after playing Spellforce all night, with nothing more than coffee for breakfast and while listening NIN to keep awake. The description from which i learned this stuff had pix too, but its german and i cant find it anymore.

              excuse me, ill have a collapse now../&)(/&§(!&§"/&§&/§(&§"(/&/IWDUDXJNNXD
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                Originally posted by Schleicher
                7.Now click "Details" and go to "pack info", there go to "pack as"
                (important : "2 would be converted to 8-Bit, 0 would be ACDMP-Packed" has to be listed there or it wont work)
                Note: U.T Thievery don't accept "packed" modules.

                Unrealed accept the packed module, but the module will not be played in UT.

                For a site with example umx'es you can go to Unrealrocks
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                  The catacombs music in the current TH-Cult version was made using this method. I got another song for free, which i converted, but didnt include for the benefit of a smaller mapfile ^^ (its a Alien Trilogy-Song ripped from the PSX-CD). It works, trust me. The step you listed is only for converting the wav to .it-format.
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