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Showing off my hard work (aka, getting around no upload)

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  • Showing off my hard work (aka, getting around no upload)

    Hey all, Its been a while
    The map is still progressing, a little slowly as work and the silly season have taken up a lot of time. However its starting to look pretty good (if i do say so my self), i just need to finish the Lighting, AI and loot and it'll be playable.
    The map (TH-excivation) is set around a dig site for a ruined castle, All in underground caves and the castle itself.
    Anyway, the reason i'm posting is cuz i wanted to put up a few screenshots and show you guys what you helped me make, but it seams there is no upload feature here.
    So once again im asking for help, do you guys know any way around this? or any where i can get some free hosting? the screenshots are a pretty large file (2 meg each, thats almost the size of the map)
    ill check back in a day or two, thanks guys

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    Ok, first off, you'll need to rescale the screenshots down to the forum required 640x480, and save them as Jpeg. This will cut the file size down considerably. Next, if you need free hosting for picures, I suggest . They are free, and I use em.


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      ta microwave
      Boomspeed's free secion is currently down but i found another site, Villagephotos, That lets you host up to 25 pics free. The link for the pics i have hosted is

      I know i still need to fix up the lighting but the pics have come up darker than i expected. Just turn up your moniter brightness. They show the main hall, Crypts, libary as well as one of the caverns.


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        My leet Thievery Map
        My leet UT3 Map
        My leet AS Map


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          ive added a few more, less bland pics


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            I wish I could see 'em.

            All that gets displayed on my end when I click the thumbnail is the page with a broken image icon. I wonder what the problem is.

            But it's some good lookin' stuff from what I can see by squinting at the thumbnails.

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              It's got some promise! Just don't let it lose it's flavor when you're maping it. if that happens, it'll never turn out right in your own eyes or anyone else's.

              keep up the good work though!
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