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ThItemMutators Version 2 ~ By Immortius & Chief released

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  • ThItemMutators Version 2 ~ By Immortius & Chief released

    I said i'd look into fixing some of the bugs so I have 8) Most of these changes are from peoples opinions in the three posts and in the test servers.

    All files in the zip go in your UnrealTournament/System folder.

    The new updates are:

    Magic Titan: now ALWAYS gets killed now. Usually by the explosion default but otherwise the game will delete it if it stays too long. Now limited to one titan bomb per thief. Still can attack thieves USE WISELY.

    Dagger: now modified which should only allow full charge to instakill unalert AI but still a fearsome weapon when used right.

    Guards Spider: Still the same size despite me having been asked to make it smaller (refused to attack when smaller), gives a powerful bite but only takes one arrow to kill a single spider. Also now limited to one spider bomb per guard.

    FireBomb: Now does a real explosion rather than a fake explosion effect with about 20 flack chunks which were the main reason for them killing. This makes it more effective but also enhances the ability to kill thieves too close to the explosion.

    Guard Decoy: Now limited to one per guard and now only 2 decoys per bomb.

    Thief Decoy: Now limited to one per guard and 2 decoys per bomb. Also they now have physical masses making it slightly harder for guards to distinguish between decoys and real thieves.

    Other changes are the amount of items per player (as mentioned in some of the things above) and the cost of the items. Also the ping spike with decoys on is now about 5ms more which settles down after a few seconds.

    For the moment the file is being hosted below, but will be put on ToB soon:

    Have fun report any bugs/suggestions here.
    Thanks to Immortius for telling me how to save my edits to the mutator And DT for helping remove the bugs (like the spiders not attacking thieves )[/url]
    [E.D.G] "Eaves Droppers Guild - we're on the edge."

    All New Thievery-O's!