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Dodging or a Dodge mutator for thievery

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  • Dodging or a Dodge mutator for thievery

    I've noticed that dodging was removed from thievery for some reason, but would it be possible to make a mutator that puts it back in for people that would like this back in the sure someone would put a server up with it running if it worked like UT dodging. or maybe make it for 1.5 and have it switchable on or off i think it would be a cool addon to be able to dodge arrows coming at you.

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    I like that idea...
    But I think it makes the game more unrealistic and easier for thieves... I mean to aim them with the x-bow as guard!
    And does the ut engine support wall dodging? I'm not sure... If yes that could be added too!
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      Nah, maybe put it in a mod so people have a choice, but I think it would make the game to much like UT.

      Whats wrong with jumping anyway? Its the best way to get out of a bolt-action situation.
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        somebody made a ninja mutator for thievery, i had played on a server wiht it once...

        but i haven't seen it since.
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          Dodging? Imagine that being used as some sort of Circlestrafing
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            I dont personally think Dodging in thievery would bring any UT feel to the game, but i feel it would just be MORE realistic that our nimble thief friends should be able to move a little swifter than they do. I mean they have this tight outfit on and can climb up ropesand mantle themselves quickly and easily, why wouldnt' they have the ability to dodge an oncoming arrow when being chased, Same with gaurds, althoug less realistic, it could be a nice arrow dodge when a thief is sniping you from the roof of the canopy house on skelton head. jumping sideways just doesn't have that lift off, and the bolt will most likely hit unless you make the full frontal jump in that direction.

            As far as KO's, i am curious to see what effect this would have on KO styles, tho i think a dodge can't be directionally changed quick enough for a KO move, but this has crossed my wondering mind