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1.5 and FM to download?

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  • 1.5 and FM to download?

    i cannot find any info on 1.5 other than the fact that it is being worked upon, i am alone in this?

    are there any sites that rate thievery maps? tears-of-blood is a good site but it doesn't provide any indicator of what is popular, any others, or suggestions?



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    I bet someone thought you were providing a link to download 1.5 when they clicked on this thread. Hehe.

    1.5 and FM to download


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      having re-read the title i have to agree. sorry folks.

      back to the question in hand......................................?


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        I think mode2 was trying to say that perhaps you could had a "?" at the thread title. You can edit it at any time.
        Well I dont know of sites that rate maps but then again there arent THAT many that you needa rate system to filter.
        If you are looking for the best maps you could try by looking at the servers map cycle and what kind of map people vote on. Needless to say that beta versions may not be polished to the full.
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          To my knowledge, there are no rating sites.

          Best you can do is search these forums for a particular map and see the responces it got. If it was made and released, the mapper would have posted something about on these forums. There have also been several threads listing favorite FM maps, or favorite maps overall.
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            what about the arrival/specifics of 1.5?


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              I keep on telling myself i'm going to get a site wiht ratings, but i never get around to making it. Chainsaw's website will help though. It sometimes has ratings.

              I'd download all posible maps. That way, you're better prepared than most, and no mapvote will stop you from enojying yourself.

              As for 1.5? all questions meet one of two responses:

              yes, wer're working on it. TI's going to have a lot of bug fixes, and some new maps, but no major new things.

              SHADDAP ALREADY!!! remember, we have social lives too! It's not like we're getting PAID or anything *HINTHINT*!!!
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                lol, cheers anyway.


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                  Official position

                  1.5 Has at least one new map (TH-Mensch, which I think people will like), updates to several maps (including Flats, Gerome and Theatre) and bug fixes.

                  It will be out soon, but I would say after Alien Swarm.
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                    ace, cheers.


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                      anyway i actually just change a few more things on gerome lol...anyway as for a rating site the ToB site will have Map Reviews eventually including telling u if it's used on server rotations. we got a lot of things going on so don't expect anything soon. if anyone would like to write up a review they can send it to me and i will host it, that is what i was planning on doing in the first place.
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                        Well the community is alive and kickin and i'm happy. As for 1.5 have you guys thought of just removing the sewer grates because they are buggy and do not work?

                        If you do this you could add invisible barriers so thieves can't rooftop escape. Not sure if this was intended for the map? Talking about Th-Nostalgia here.

                        What about Breakout? One idea I had a long time ago was adding a vent or two. The map is big though so don't know if it's necessarry. Do people still play this map?

                        Funny. Now I don't think Asylum body is such a big problem. The post of people dming alot. Guess the players found the fix in itself.

                        Not sure of any other maps that need adjustments but if I do i'll post. Good job guys and keep it up.


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                          Not that I mind or anything ... but why this sudden post?
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                            At in the downloads section you can rate the maps and see how many times they've been downloaded. Last I checked they weren't rated but you could start.