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  • some mapping stuff

    Well I've decided to get back to some mapping when I have a good amount of free time (hopefully will be getting much more soon). So that brings me to some things I've been thinking about.

    1) Is it possible to a make a one-time use key? Like you would unlock a door and then the key would disappear or break or something. I'd like to make a map where there are multiple generic keys to open generic locked doors, sort of like an older game I've been playing recently (Zelda 3 for SNES aka A Link to the Past.)

    2) Another thing I tried to do (and failed) was make a 'timed door'. What I mean is that you trigger it and it opens, and after a set period of time it will reclose and will not open again untill retriggered. I tried a bunch of things to get this to work but nothing did, so any help would be appreciated.

    3) Just a generic thing for the original mappers, for maps like Nostalgia, Gerome, and Grange where there is a good deal of map in and out doors , should the buildings be made by adding a large brush then subtracting from it, or subtract the whole map pretty much, for better FPS and/or ease on the mapper?

    K, That's all I can think of to ask for now. Any answers are appreciated

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    Has been awhile and my memories are kinda faded but ill try to help ;D

    1.) No Idea. Use a custom Script maybe?

    2.) If i remember correctly theres a trigger preset for it, think it was "Trigger Open timed". It gets triggered, stays open for a period of time you specified and then closes again. Used it for the relic cage on Cult.

    3.) Depends on the layout. If ya got one centralized structure like Nostalgia, use a single subtracted brush. If its cramped like flats, you should probably combine subtract-brushes to create the needed outdoor space
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      1) the script for guards using lockpicks has a percentage chance to break picks. If you made a subscript of the thsilverkey actor and added the line for both teams, and changed the rate to 100%, it should, theoretically, unlock the door, then break every time. unfortunately, it would also break after locking a door if you had another of the same key.

      2)Use regular movers instead of thdoor movers. then, go into the mover category, select the stayopentime option and set it to however long you want it to keep opened. you might have to set bopentimed to true, not sue where that one is though.

      3) I'd make add one huge brush for a building, then subtract form it. Schleicher, on the other hand, does have the right answer for teh world brushes.
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        class ThZeldaDoor expands ThDoor;
        var() float CloseDelay;
        // Destroy keys when used:
        function frob( Actor Frobber, Actor FrobItem )
        	Super.frob( Frobber, FrobItem );
        	// using the right key?
        	if ((FrobItem!=none) && (keyTag!="") && (FrobItem.IsA('ThPickupKeys')) && (ThPickupKeys(FrobItem).keyTag~=keyTag))
        		if (FrobItem.NumCopies > 1)
        // Auto-close:
        function DoOpen()
        	SetTimer( CloseDelay, false );
        function DoClose()
        	SetTimer( 0.0, false ); // Stop timer
        event Timer()
        Tell me if it works. Or, more importantly, if it doesn't.


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          I'll try it next time I go into UED and test out the map... which might not be a while considering I've got some semi-important RL stuff to do soon.