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Of guards, and gates, and horrible bloody deaths.

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  • Of guards, and gates, and horrible bloody deaths.

    Not sure if this is a mapping or a suggestion thread, since it's about a suggestion on a map....

    On Grange, whats the deal with the gates that kill the guards? The AI guards just aren't bright enough to use the stupid things. Especially the one at the top of the stairs... I noticed this first in a game that had me guarding against a lone thief. And all my guards kept killing themselves!!! Bah. I suppose that'll teach them to chase after a thief, but what good is a lesson learned if ya die learning it?
    Just to see how bad it was, I started up a solo game (as a thief), and was able to win by getting all the guards to chase me (one at a time) until they killed themselves with the gate. I didn't KO them, does this count as ghosting?
    Anyway, I don't know if anything can be done about this or not, but it may be worth looking into....


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    Yeah, they shouldn't work on AI.