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  • Need UMX package

    while using UED 3.0 for UT2004, i somehow corrupted my UT2004>Textures>Industrial.utx package. i can't open it, and i'm pretty sure i wont be able to play maps using that pack. could someone be so kind as to give me a copy of that one package? just host it, PM it to me, email it to me; whatever method works fastest for you. i really just don't want to reinstall UT 2004 just for one texture package. That's Industrial.utx, please.

    on the same topic, where the hell can i find some glass textures? i've looked in many shader packs and the bases (eg HumanoidArchitecture, Shiptech, etc.) but i can't find any. anyone know where they're hiding?
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    my site is down, otherwise i'd let ya have the file.

    as for galss textures, they can be made using different aplha textures and combinig them into one semi-opaque texture

    or use a texture that's been slapped on a static mesh.
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      just reinstall ut2004 over itself or thievery
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        Originally posted by reemulmyu View Post
        just reinstall ut2004 over itself or thievery
        If your installing ut2004 over thievery then you have a problem as thievery should of been installed over UT99
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          Yeah, uh, maybe note that the thread is from 2004 before bumping it with pointless advice?
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