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What do you use to extract UT files?

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  • What do you use to extract UT files?

    I want to customize some mesh skins and makes my textures. What program do I need?
    Thought of another question after I posted...
    I was told that you can select certain actors/brushes to be viewed only. This I have done and it works quite well. However..If I open any of the browsers to load a new group of textures or to place another selected group becomes un-selected.
    I remember reading that you can name these types of groups..IE..1st floor..2nd floor..main building kinda thing..How do I do this?

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    You need... UnrealED 2.0
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      The Groups Browser is the green "G" in the tool bar at the top.

      To put an actor in a group, you go to its Properties > Object > Group and type in a name. By default, all actors are set to be hidden in the editor when newly grouped. So, look in the groups browser and go to View > Refresh. Your new group will show up with a checkbox to denote whether or not it's hidden.

      To select an entire group, right click on a member and hit "Select All". The exception to this is "None" (the default groupname given to every actor initially) which will select everything visible if you do a Select All.

      Group naming is also hierarchical, so you can have groups that share parts of their names, for instance: "SouthGarden", "SouthGardenPergola" and "SouthGardenLights". If you Select All on SouthGardenPergola, you'll just have that, but if you select all on SouthGarden it will include the other two because they begin with "SouthGarden".

      Unfortunately, the groups browser doesn't thread groups and sub-groups, it just counts them all as individual groups and puts them in alphabetical order. It's still useful for uncluttering views though, and in conjunction with the Only Rebuild Visible Actors setting in the build options, groups make it easy to build bits of your level when you need to work faster.


      If you need to export a skin, just select it in the texture browser and go to File > Export. When you come to import it again, it has to be a 256 colour .pcx or .bmp (I think .pcx is better) Be careful not to mess up any packages.. the Unreal Wiki can tell you all about the MyLevel package.