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    Okay... I've had this idea quite a while ago, but I currently don't really have the time or patience to learn UED.
    I was thinking about something along the lines of Cragscleft Prison. The location would be some combined prison/foundry complex built into the side of an active volcano. Prisoners would be forced to work in the foundry, which uses the heat of the volcano to operate. It would have, say, four or five levels, the lower ones being the foundry and the higher ones the prison.
    The thieves' objective would be to get in and break an old friend of theirs (an imprisoned member of the local Thieves Guild, maybe?) out of the complex and destroy it afterwards - when the thieves find him, their friend tells them he wants to be considered dead, and the thieves still owe him a major favor...
    They would start outside of the complex, with a lot of ways in to the lowest level of the complex- mainly maintenance and ventilation shafts, maybe a defunct steam exhaust pipe, stuff like that. I'm thinking about at least six or seven entrances - hard to guard because of the sheer number, obviously.
    Once in, thieves would have to get to the upper levels and find their friend, who would spawn in one of the cells but not make any noise (or there would be other prisoners in the other cells), so the guards don't know which cell he's in and can't camp said cell but are actually forced to patrol the whole prison.
    Once the thieves find their friend, they need to get back to the lower levels to open the volcano flood gates in order to destroy the complex. There would be two or three switches for that, sufficiently far away from each other so that if a single thief tries to flick them all, chances would be that a guard saw it and could reset the switch. This would force thieves to coordinate if they want to get that objective.
    Once all switches are flicked, the volcano flood gates would open and flood the complex with lava. This would probably require some heavy scripting, but I thought that including scripted sequences would be nice anyway. Things like people getting swept away by lava streams behind windows, getting caught behind bulkheads that slam shut only a few feet in front of them, etc.
    The thieves could still try to get out the way they came in, but that would require them to be FAST. The lower levels would flood pretty quick, making it necessary for the thieves to either get to the lower level exits real fast or move to the higher levels. There would still be exits there, but they get less with every level thieves go up. On the highest level, there'd only be two or three exits left - easy to guard, obviously.
    As areas of the complex are flooded with lava, bulkheads in the complex will close, further limiting movement possibilities. The game would be getting faster and faster towards the end of the round.
    I also thought about the guards - they would spawn in a secluded area of the map that thieves either can't reach at all (one-way doors) or which would be plain suicide to enter (guards, guards, more guards, bright lights, etc). It would be real nice if the guards would respawn infinitely, but only had a limited number of players in the game at once (ie. for every guard that is knocked out or killed, a new guard would spawn in the "barracks"). This would keep thieves, who would probably have quite an advantage in the rest of the map (I'm imagining especially the foundry to be a rather gloomy place, with soot-covered walls, lightened only by the orange-red glow of liquid metal - hardly anyone would work there; the thieves would have an easy time moving around down there. Until all switches are flicked, of course, when suddenly red alert lights flare up everywhere and they have to run to survive.)
    Even if all guards were killed, thieves should not win the map IMHO - they still would have to get out of the complex, which is becoming more and more lethal every second, alive, even if all guards are already burnt to ashes and the barracks flooded with lava.

    It's all a bit unordered, but I think I convey the idea I'm having.

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    Cragscleft prision with a disaster destroying the place at the end. I understand. Sounds like a cool mission. I'll think about it whenever I finish my current mission...might be a good challenge.

    As for not having the time or paitence to learn UnrealED, you really should try out Beginners Guide to Mapping from the Wiki site. It is VERY EASY to learn the basics of UnrealED, and it only takes about 20 min. I had a lot of fun too, running around as a rat with a sniper rifle! Give it a try, at the least. You won't regret it.



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      Sounds Great!!
      ...and all is silent, save the voice of the clock...


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        I did understand the very basics of UnrealEd so far (moving around, placing actors, setting properties etc) - the stuff that is the same or very similar for most 3D games, in short. I did some Quake2 mapping in the past (although none of my maps were ever completed, I still have a half-done Q2 version of Unreal's Deck 16 lying around on my hard disk), in short, I'm not a total newbie to mapping (thanks for the tutorial link though, I might look into it some time)
        The main problem is that I've got university exams coming right up (the first one being Feb 10, the other three in the first two weeks of March) and about a million other things to do.
        As you have also probably seen, the mission would require considerable amounts of scripting (flooding the complex with lava, having some nice scripted sequences to watch, the guard respawn idea maybe), which is another thing I currently neither can nor want to learn.
        Additionally, I think there's already mappers out there who are about a millionfold more talented and motivated than I am and probably will ever be, so I guessed I might as well do a braindump here for everyone to comment upon my ideas and use whatever part of them they like.



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          This is such a co-incidinc, I read the title of this post and thought wouldn't it be funny if someone was thinking of an idea for a cragscleft mission as I recently started a map sorta based around cragscleft. I've only done the cathedral so far, but I was planning on adding the underground prison and mines, although no where near as big as what you've described. It's not going to be a copy of cragscleft or anything, just a similar feeling hopefully.
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