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  • Breandor: Coding help wanted

    Hi, could anyone help me by coding a new actor?

    I tried splicing some code myself, but I don't know enough. What I basically need is a Triggerflame, like a ThieveryTorchFlame, but made:
    • so water arrows, fire bolts, and flares don't affect it at all (Presumably not subclassing it from torchflame will take care of that)
    • to have the same appearance as a torchflame
    • as a trigger toggle flame that disappears and re-appears.

    Basically, I want to make dousable fires throughout the map. At the moment, each fireplace has one flame and it looks ugly. I'm looking to surround each hearth torchflame with toggleflames to make a good looking fire that uses one light source. The events in the ThieveryTorchFlame properties should toggle the trigger flames on and off - I've tested them with special events and they work fine, but they don't seem to have any effect on other torchflames.

    I thought the cleanest way to do it would be to toggle the DrawStyle dynamically from STY_Mesh to STY_None, but I see water arrows just change the drawscale on torchflames - maybe performance issues or coding impossibilities I don't know about?

    Using multiple torchflames for fires results in an odd bug whereby, if lit by one flare, the light from all the ThieveryTorchFlames returns but the drawscales aren't reset to their original values. That's the reason why I'd like this new class.

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    I can't really help you with the coding...yet...but there is a flame you could use somewhere in the UT actors. It's just a flame and not affected by anything special. Then get a trigger to turn off the light and destroy the flame - then to put it back. But don't try to edit the theivery flame, it was made a lot more complex than what you need.



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      I think all the actors from light > torchflame downward are affected by water, flame, and flares. I'm not sure what you mean by getting a trigger to destroy a flame either - that's certainly the effect I'm after, but has to be relit and I haven't been able to achieve even the turning off with standard actors.


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        What about teleporting? Thats how Thief does half of its cool tricks. When the switch is thrown, teleport the object to some place off the level, then make it go back again.


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          Oh, and the torchflame NOT in with the TUT stuff isn't affected by anything. There is ONE in there somewhere, I don't have UED to pull it up. The TUT designers had to make the flames special for TUT. So if its in this folder: Light>TorchFlame> don't use it, there is another.


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            What you're thinking of is actually Light > Torchflame, which isn't affected by water arrows et. al. The problem with that is:

            It doesn't toggle! and:

            teleporters and unreal actors don't work in the way you refer to thief ones doing, so:

            no offence Keich Bepho, but:

            could anyone help me by coding a new actor, please?


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              I'll look into it, but expect me to be incredibly lazy

              Doesn't sound too challenging, but they never do

              No promises, if I find anything useful, I'll post here again

              I've got scripts for NeoPendragon that I really should've finished a month ago, damnit


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                  There's a ThHideTrigger which'll toggle the bHidden property on the target actors..

                  So just throw down any old actor and change its mesh to the torchflame one then use the ThHideTrigger..


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                    Aha! Sounds like a great workaround, thank you Dalai, and thank you The_Dan.


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                      ThHideTrigger doesn't work properly: the options don't actually show up in InitialState.


                      After looking at some other classes, I rejigged the ThHideTrigger script in a new trigger class, changing every occurence of "auto State" to "state()", and it seems to work perfectly.


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                        Originally posted by Nachimir
                        Aha! Sounds like a great workaround, thank you Dalai, and thank you The_Dan.
                        Erm, no probs I guess

                        Double thanks for the tip Dalai

                        (Well that was the easiest reputation boost I ever managed)


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                          why not use a trigger..make teh flame a vulmeric brush or whatever..not an actor
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                            Um, because that would be messy. I thought of kludging it with movers, but.. nah!

                            HideTrigger works very well.