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    Well, I've tried to outdo myself... or something. And in the process, end up with a bunch of started but not finished maps.

    That's where you all can come in.

    Basically, I'm rather indecisive about which mapping project(s) to pursue and as a result get little or nothing done on any of them anymore. So I thought, maybe if I give a screen or two and/or a little description, that the TUT community could choose for me which seems the most interesting.

    And so, I shall commence with such. (Sorry for the not great image quality.)
    The Co-op series of maps.

    A group of Thievery maps that are meant to be played as a group, in co-op and in order (Th-coop1 before Th-coop2, etc.). The displayed screens are from mostly completed levels, 1 & 2. 3 is really short and 4 is barely started. If I continued with the series, it'd probably end up like a mix of TUT, Thief, and Unreal.


    A conversion of the level from UT called DM-Barricade. Progress isn't very far, though if I continue it I'll come up with an explanation for why there's a castle-like structure in the sky, as well as adding servant's quarters and the like. Probably would end up as a thief-match map, though could maybe make it as a TvG map.


    I'm thinking about changing the name of this if I continue, as it's ending up more like a castle town or something. Anyway, The thieves would be out to rob the place of loot, (same ol' same ol') while guards would need to protect the premises. I'm fairly far into it, but still have quite a while to go.


    Designed to be for co-op if it's ever finished, this map would attempt to recreate the first dungeon of Zelda 3 in 3D. If I went with this, I'd probably need some more scripting help than that ThZeldaDoor MortalMonkey provided a while ago. Like how to start the thieves with specific equipment (not the norm, of course) and how to make a Pickup-Bow (Treasure of the place ).

    Curses, looks like I'll have to continue in another post. (Apparantly too many images )

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    This has a lot of work to go before it'll be up to par for the planned TvG, but I liked how it was going. Please excuse the bland textures . Well, this is supposed to be a map of a merchant town deep in the woods... no one really knows how to get there, they just stumble upon it. (Inspiration from a certain FFV, hehe). All I have close to done is an inn, but there's plenty of free space that I'd use for other structures for the trading town.


    I bet some of you who might remember it hoped it had died. I'm sorry, but I still have it, if only because it was my first real attempt at making a level. I'm not really proud of some of the 'not-humor' (I don't find some of things I thought were funny in that map funny anymore.). This is really more of a Thief like map than Thievery, with many secrets. Might be good for co-op or one crazy Thiefmatch. (Don't forget that bones are pwned.) I'm pretty sure I've never taken illegal drugs, but if I did, then this was likely the result.


    A largely uncompleted map, could be good for a TvG or TM map. I had a lot of inspiration for this map, but, like the others, got too caught up in trying to do something for all of them that nothing much happened with it. Thief, in the future. Imagine, then believe, that's what this would be.


    No relation to KewlAzMe, except the filename . A conversion of DMTundra from Unreal, would likely end up as a ThiefMatch. I thought it was pretty fun for TM the last time I tested online, anyway. A simple secret or two is already in there, and in the process of fixing a zoning problem from the original, a small BSP barrier seems to have appeared. Ah well.

    (No pictures. I thought I still had some from that last time, but apparantly not.)
    A conversion of SkyTown from Unreal, This would likely end up a co-op map due to its size. Of course, it could end up as a good TvG IMHO, if I put in a time limit modifier. Needs more stuff to fill in some empty spaces, however.
    Well, there they are. 9 maps in total. None are complete, really. What does the Thievery community deem the most intriguing and probably what's needed most at this time? If you need more info on any particular map, please post as well.

    (Hope this longness hasn't already bored you all away ).


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      Most of the pix are too dark to see much.
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        Dungeon and Mirage look pretty good, but Mirage has the most promise. I really wouldn'e be able to tell you too much without a good walktrhough of the map, but that would give too much away, aye?
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          I'm always on the lookout for half-done maps that I can either finish up or scavange bits of - send 'em my way and I'll make sure you get credit for anything I use (and you get to say you helped make one of my maps!).
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            @ FT: Sorry... I brightened them up a bit and after a certain point, they looked like crap, even for a .jpg

            @ Rad: Funny, you look at the two maps I have the least done on. (least structuring anyway... technically I guess you could say I have less done on the barricade since the structure was already there)

            @ Mord: Can't say some of the structure would look too good with a map like Korman, Airship, etc. But a map out of my hands might not be a bad thing. I'll think about it.

            Some of the maps are reallly small (141kb for dungeon, 292kb for the spaceship... but I do have plans in mind already, if I get around to them.) Then there's the opposite end of the spectrum (Latest version of Protfort is over 5megs, Skytown's a bit bigger in size...) Protfort takes longer to load though, probably because of my wide use of music (Hey, my first real attempt at a map for UT or TUT.) and custom texture, maybe some other stuff. Personally, I like how Mirage and Castle(town) could turn out, but... Mirage is still in early phases, and Castle seems to pop up a nasty BSP hole whenever I do much. Maybe I'm just trying something it doesn't like...


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              I have decided to continue with Mirage (because I'd rather not have to ask for scripting help for Dungeon right now.) Rad wins. Or something


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                ...are those... in TH-Dungeon... those are Daleks, right?
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                  The statue things? I don't remember them having a name Trying to make them sorta like they are in game, sort of not. (Or I was when I was working on it). In positive news, Mirage has gotten some texture changes so the whole place isn't as drab as before (still lots to do though.)