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Announcing: Kings of the Desert Final v2

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  • Announcing: Kings of the Desert Final v2

    Maybe this should belong in the mapping forum, but not everyone reads it regularly, and this isn't a beta or anything.

    I recently completed version 2 of Kings of the Desert, fixing some of the bugs and problems that seemed to plague everyone. I know some of you may have qualms about me doing a radical new version without the author's permission, but a prominent member of the Thievery community said it was okay. Hopefully we can look past all that, and get to enjoying a better map. I hope we can get it on the servers soon, so try it out.

    Get it here

    -Fixed brightness in secret hallway.
    -Fixed NAC Cells problem.
    -Fixed stable door not opening.
    -Fixed collision on most pieces of furnature (including the piano).
    -Fixed rare spawn bug.
    -Devilfish were not attacking thieves properly.
    -Improved performance on slower machines.
    -Carpet textures fixed to include less red.
    -Wall hangings may now be slashed, like in Thief.
    -Misc Bug fixes.

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    Is it just me or do the torches and bright areas not have any effect on the thieves visibility.


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      I ve put the KoD v2 into the Customs Center for Thievery and Nightblade.

      In that Way 168 currently Abonnents get an automatic eMail that a new Map is up.

      Host one, Inform all, hehe
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      Thievery Customs Center
      Vietcong Customs Center


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        Now available on in the downloads section.

        It is also installed on our server.


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          Great maybe it'll be played more now.


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            LMAO!!! It won't be played at all as long as lit torches PROVIDE NO LIGHT!!!

            Torches that are held by guards are OK, and electrical lights work fine, its just the torches. Its very misleading, however QUITE helpful to a thieving team.

            Better fix it fast!
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              This has been taken off our server till Salsa can fix the torch problem.


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                I think you all (except Sisu, who seems to know what he's talking about) haven't given this a fair chance yet.


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                  Whats not to give a chance Salsa? I don't mind one bit thieving this map now, since no one will ever see me!


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                    Wow, this is exactly what I originally envisioned when I first started kotd, including the 3 pyramid design...... In fact, it looks.....

                    omg, first sisu uses it in his museum, and now salsa steals it and uses it in full size! Though I must admit, the lighting changes aren't bad if you give it good try. And the piano fix shows good attention to detail.
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                      yay! watertogers here

                      Oh you might also want to clean up the area around some of the various furniture so we can move around it/on it properly. As is they are boxed off in a way that doesn't match the models.