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  • TH-Rope

    I've got these ropes that I'm trying to get to work like the VineArrows. When climbing a VineArrow you get the feeling that there is a solid core to the Vine itself which helps with agility and control when climbing the Vine quickly. Where with ropes, when climbing them, you go right through their centres out the other end, and often dislodge and fall off the rope cause there's no 'solid' centre of balance.

    Is there a property that makes them work more sturdy like a vine? Or do I have to create a long, thin, solid bsp tube?
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    Either the BSP solution or a BlockAll will help. Usualy, when it's a ladder, people add an invisible bsp to block the people from going through. But for a rope you might aswell use a BlockAll found in the keypoints tree.
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      A blockall actor would be the best way, as it's cylindrical just like the thladder actor. Just make sure that your Blockall isn't wider than you ladder actor.
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        Oh yeaahhhh.... Block all's is da way! Sweet Vertigo!
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